Shrimp & Prawns

The fruit of the sea

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Shrimp and prawns are very popular varieties of seafood which are commonly eaten around the world. Though shrimp and prawns belong in different suborders of the genus Decapoda, they are similar in look and the names are often interchangeable in commercial aquaculture and wild fishing. They are easily available both fresh and dried, and they are highly nutritious and can be cooked with a variety of sauces. Moreover, these two seafood varieties have also been found to be resistant to high temperatures.


Shrimp and prawns have relatively low content of fat and cholesterol and hence are considered to be a great choice of seafood for a healthy diet. Shrimp is one of the healthiest seafoods in the ocean as it supplies high protein, carbohydrates, and unsaturated fat. Moreover, shrimp is rich in calcium, magnesium, niacin, and phosphorus and has a low content of fat, salt, and sugar. Prawns similarly are rich in proteins, unsaturated fat, magnesium, and potassium and have low sodium, sugar, and cholesterol. It is these characteristics that have made prawn and shrimp a perfect choice of seafood for a healthy diet.


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Shrimp is usually eaten raw or grilled and it is a very tasty dish. Grilled shrimp is considered to be a good alternative to crab or fish. Prawns too are easy to cook and are very tasty whether served as a salad or a source of protein. It is interesting to note that although shrimp and prawns make a very good choice of shellfish for someone on a healthy diet, they do not fare well when cooked in deep fat. Cooking them in butter over medium heat or frying them in hot oil results in loss of much of the nutrition and flavor.

Shrimp is eaten more often in Asia than in America, and is a favorite of cooks because of its versatility. Fresh shrimp can be added to a variety of dishes, including pasta, potatoes, dips, salads, seafood salads, and shrimp cocktails. Because it is such a versatile and delicious food, shrimp is often served as a main dish in a restaurant rather than on a side or paired with another type of food. But it is important to understand how to properly grow and harvest shrimp to enjoy this tasty treat at home.


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Although shrimp farming has been around for many years, it has gained popularity recently because of the environmental benefits of shrimp farming. Oceanic shrimp farming has become a very successful industry that supports thousands of shrimp farmers all over the world. This industry gives workers the opportunity to earn full-time wages and build large wealth empires by selling their products to restaurants and catering services.

If you are looking to start your own shrimp farm, there are two major options. The first involves purchasing shrimp from other local fisherman, which is often safer and more economical, but is also much more difficult; or, you can purchase shrimp off of the internet and have your product shipped directly to your house or business location.

Both methods of shrimp farming are viable, but depending on your location, you may want to consider one method or the other. The cost of starting a shrimp farm and establishing one is significantly lower than raising shrimp yourself, especially if you start out with a large backyard and have plenty of room to grow. There are also benefits to using both methods; however, shrimp farming takes time and requires a lot of effort to succeed. But the rewards are well worth the time and effort, and once you begin to grow shrimp, you will not look back.

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