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Stuck with extra weight?

Have you thought about losing weight but you don't know where to begin? Most diets claim to promote weight loss, but in the long run they don't deliver results. At Elemental Nutrition & Wellness, we guide the client to feed thier body what it needs for effortless weight loss, nutritive balance, and boundless energy.

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Who are we?

My name is Ross, and I'm the creator of Elemental Nutrition & Wellness. At Elemental, we foster metabolic flexibility through fat adaptation to prime the body to reach maximum potential by ideal genetic expression. In other words, we guide middle-aged men on how to eat like hunter-gatherers so their bodies run more efficiently which leads to weight loss, long term health, and overall wellness. The basis of our philosophy is Ancestral Health, the evolutionary biology of the human life-style.

What is Ancestral Health?

Also called Paleo or Primal, Ancestral Health purports that our optimum way of eating developed over 2 million years of evolution. With the advent of civilization, technology started to evolve faster than we did. Now, we live in a world with poisons all around us. The goal is to return to the way our ancestors lived and deny the call of modern food technology.

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