Trouble sleeping? Blue blockers might help.

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Are you having trouble sleeping at night even with melatonin? It could be caused by an excessive amount of blue light. Blue light is naturally found in sunlight and helps to keep us awake by blocking melatonin production. When the sun sets, the blue light goes away.

In our modern times, we simply turn on the artificial light. But that also contains blue light keeping us awake which is counterproductive in preparing for sleep.

In order to solve this problem, 1) don’t use artificial light and go to sleep when the sun goes down 2) or wear blue blocking glasses to prevent the blue light from reaching your eyes.

What are blue blocking glasses?

Blue blocking glasses are glasses that filter our some or a large portion of the blue light that would otherwise hit our eyes. They come in many shapes, tints, and sizes.

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Do they really work?

They do work in certain conditions. There have been no scientific studies that associate blue light blockers with improved screen fatigue and related eye strain. However, there have been studies that link wearing blue light blockers 2 hours before bedtime improves sleep quality and quantity. It also showed that wearing the glasses improved work performance.

If you think about our cavemen ancestors, they didn’t have artificial light except fire. Fire, though has small amounts of blue light, is mostly yellow, orange, and red light. So, these are the light colors that we have evolved to experience after the sun goes down.

The verdict

Blue blockers might help aid sleep by mimicking ancestral fire which in turn helps us to fall asleep naturally and sleep better. But don’t expect them to cure the headache you get from staring at the screen for hours.

Author: T Ross

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