Keto is the newest craze. The big question is, “Is it healthy?” The answer is yes, if done correctly. It depends on 2 factors, calorie range and drinking enough water. Those who take an “eat as much as I want” approach will find that they don’t lose weight as expected. It is necessary to eat smaller portions because almost everything on keto has a high energy density (fat). And this also requires lots of water to balance it out. 

Ketosis is a great metabolic pathway because your body burns fat instead of sugar. Fat has 9 calories per gram and sugar has 4 so ketosis is more efficient. Burning fat instead of sugar causes your insulin levels to remain extremely low which improves insulin sensitivity and prevents metabolic syndrome. It also improves satiety because fat is more filling than sugar. Below is a keto meal. Notice you have to drink more water to balance it out.

Author: T Ross

I spent the first part of my life playing piano and composing music. I graduated from UCLA with a degree in music composition and cognitive science. Then I became a User Interface Engineer for four years. I moved home to Raleigh, NC to be closer to my family and began to freelance. On the side, I created a company called Elemental Nutrition & Wellness that uses interactive resource calculators to give people the tools they need to lose weight and boost nutrition. Now I have my own practice as a holistic nutritionist. I help people meet their weight loss goals by fostering self-motivation. You can reach me at

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