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Most people don’t think about how much they are eating. They simply eat until they are full and stop. This way of eating is the enemy of weight loss. Some diets proclaim that you can eat whatever you want to and still lose weight. Though that might be the case, a healthier approach to weight loss has to do with how much you eat, not just what you eat. This is called thrift. We talked about thrift in the previous post. This post will tell show you how to put it into action.

The simplest form of thrift is simply not eating as much. However, this doesn’t always work for people. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be in an obesity pandemic. TWS Calculators are tools to help you to be thrifty. There is no gray area with the calculators. How you portion your meals is exactly what your body needs. There is no surplus or deficit. Let’s take a look at a simple meal:

Notice the first thing you have to do is to establish the caloric range for the meal. This is what keeps you from eating too much or too little. Next, decide what you are going to eat. Then, calculate how much you are going to eat. Notice how you calculate how much you are going to eat. The results bar at the bottom will flash green when your meal is in perfect balance; perfect balance is a c value between the caloric range with a green W and E value.

Next, let’s look at a meal that is a little more challenging. Let’s start out with ground beef.

Now, we need to add a resource that contains fiber in order to balance out the protein from the beef. So lets choose Broccoli.

Now we have all that we need to calculate the perfect solution. It looks like we need to increase the amount of Broccoli in order to increase the fiber value of the resulting meal. If we double the amount of Broccoli, that gives us a balanced c and W.

All that’s left is the E value. This can easily be increased by adding one cup of water to the meal:

Now, as you see, the meal is properly balanced, c is between the caloric range and W and E values are green.

Now you can make your own meals. The nice thing about TWS Calculators is that they are compatible with any diet you want; it is pandietetic. You just need sources of fiber and energy to create balance. You can see me create a variety of meals on the tutorials page under “Smart Tutorials”:

Author: T Ross

I spent the first part of my life playing piano and composing music. I graduated from UCLA with a degree in music composition and cognitive science. Then I became a User Interface Engineer for four years. I moved home to Raleigh, NC to be closer to my family and began to freelance. On the side, I created a company called Elemental Nutrition & Wellness that uses interactive resource calculators to give people the tools they need to lose weight and boost nutrition. Now I have my own practice as a holistic nutritionist. I help people meet their weight loss goals by fostering self-motivation. You can reach me at

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