Soda to Water

Are you trying to make the transition from soda to water but keep getting stuck? This is what I did. First, switch from soda to diet soda until you have some success. Once you’ve done that, switch to soda/sparkling water mixed with liquid Stevia (you can get this at the grocery store). This will feel like you’re drinking soda but you’re not. Lastly, drink water with small amounts of lemonade or lemon juice. Then just water with the occasional splash of lemon juice (lemon juice helps with your alkalinity).

Author: T Ross

I spent the first part of my life playing piano and composing music. I graduated from UCLA with a degree in music composition and cognitive science. Then I became a User Interface Engineer for four years. I moved home to Raleigh, NC to be closer to my family and began to freelance. On the side, I created a company called Elemental Nutrition & Wellness that uses interactive resource calculators to give people the tools they need to lose weight and boost nutrition. Now I have my own practice as a holistic nutritionist. I help people meet their weight loss goals by fostering self-motivation. You can reach me at

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